About Solver Media

About Solver

Solver Media
Solver Media creates and exploits informative web stores in The Netherlands, Belgium and France. The distinctive philosophy stands for sustainability related to client- and supplier relations.

Solver Media builds, promotes and optimizes all websites in its portfolio. Due to intensive contact with suppliers we intent to create websites with a high information level and better usability.

Our goal is that all visitors are able to orientate optimally and experiences the best service, possible. We like to say that we promote products and brands for their quality and service, instead of degrading them by lowering price and be forced to short term sales and poor after sales.

People make the company
Behind the scenes of this company, a many people are active every day, working in the operation, creating new ideas, initiate new launches and optimizing all existing websites.

The precursor of Solver Media BV started in 2009 with the first web store. Six years later, many people joined us, with their different types of expertise, all to work towards the same goal. Next to the three owners of the company, there are many colleagues working in different fields, such as ICT, Logistics and in the Service centres.

Our origin primarily lies in the world of online marketing. In the past years we have been responsible for the online marketing of many Dutch and other International brands. Our specialities are all forms of online marketing and media, like within Google (SEO and SEA), Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Advertising and Social. Pulling high value customers to our platforms is no problem!

Besides this, we are lucky to have all the needed expertise under our roof. This means that we can be very flexible, and have short turnaround times. Our wishes, but also yours can be met on a very short term.